Our main aspiration is to implement the mission and strategy of Gallicoop Turkey Processing Co. Ltd., which is based on excellent and safe products, customer and consumer satisfaction and provides the interests of balance for both the owners, employees, partners, society and the environment.
One of the principles of quality and environmental policy of Gallicoop Co. Ltd. is to satisfy the needs of corporate stakeholders with special respect to the exploring of customers’ needs and their maximum satisfaction as well as to the defining of the company’s internal and external factors. To this end we develop our products and technology, strengthen our participation in the market and represent the interests of our company and those of the industry in several organizations.
Applying this quality and environmental policy our aim is to reach the high quality and safety of the products and the effectiveness of the company. In the course of our activities we provide – taking into account environmental concerns – economical and efficient use of available resources in order to minimize the adverse effects on the environment.
We introduce, operate and continuously develop our integrated quality and environmental management system based on the requirements of standards ISO 9001 and 14001. The necessary material – and human resources are provided by the owners and the top management of the company.
By the training of our staff we facilitate their personal development, and by this way we will be able to cope effectively in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
We prevent the environmental pollution, and with regard to the environmental factors we improve our environmental efficiency steadily.
Our Company has committed itself to comply with the environmental and other regulatory requirements, as well as we effectuate the commitments, goals, programs and appropriations related to environmental factors.
The interested parties are kept informed of our quality and environmental policy and of issues related to quality management and environmental protection.
In the manufacturing and service processes the wastewater emission and the amount of generated waste is minimized. The largest proportion of wastes is utilized by the regular testing of recovery potential of generated wastes and by selective waste collection.
Our products and production technologies are permanently improved by selection and use of up-to-date and environment friendly basic materials and additives. The main processes of the company have been determined, the risks of processes have been evaluated and permanently treated. The company continues the assessing and managing of risks to the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.
The environmental and food safety aspects are fully taken into consideration in planning and implementation of investments and developments as well as in the manufacturing of products. Furthermore the use of environmentally friendly solutions is preferred while we are striving to implement a life-cycle approach.
Procedures have been put in place to protect and secure our products and our food manufacturing site, thus eliminating the possibility of food counterfeiting and other malicious activities.
The commitment of our leaders and employees, the company’s legal and ethical operation as well as the consistent meeting of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, the HACCP directive and the BRC and IFS food safety standards ensures the realization of our goals.
The integrated quality and environmental management system is applied to the activities carried out both in the central site (HU 130 EK) and in the hatchery (hatching, slaughtering and cutting, processing, packaging, storage).

Szarvas, 16 March 2020
István Erdélyi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer